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5 Ways Our Brides are Using AI Tools To Plan Their Weddings

couple wedding planning using AI
Yes, we used AI to create this image!

The future is NOW! Ever wondered how AI might play a role in wedding planning? We learn so much from our Laine London brides and just had to share! Here are 5 ways our brides are using AI to plan smarter, not harder. Makes sense these smarty-pants brides are also saving money on a designer dress at Laine London! 

1. Vendor Recommendations: Source recommendations for wedding vendors like photographers, florists, caterers, and venues based on their preferences, budget, and location. Talk to your fiancée about what’s important to you, and together access personalized suggestions to help streamline the vendor selection process.

Sample Prompt: I want to get married in Atlanta, GA. What are the best wedding venues with top rated food and great views.

2. Budgeting Assistance: Create and manage your wedding budget by providing tips on cost-saving measures, suggesting budget-friendly alternatives, and offering guidance on allocating funds for different aspects of the wedding, such as attire, decorations, and entertainment.

Sample Prompt: What are the best ways to maximize your budget when planning a wedding?

3. Timelines and schedules: Create a timeline for your wedding day, including the ceremony schedule, reception, and other events, as well as coordinating with vendors and guests. Use AI to get suggestions for optimal timing and sequencing to ensure a smooth and well-organized wedding day.

Sample Prompt: I want you to be a day-of wedding coordinator. Create a day of schedule for each member of the bridal party for a wedding that begins at 4PM, dinner is served at 7PM sharp.

4. Theme and Decor Ideas: Brainstorm ideas for wedding themes, color schemes, and decor styles based on their preferences and vision for their special day. Whether it's a rustic barn wedding, a glamorous black-tie affair, or a whimsical garden party, ChatGPT can offer creative inspiration and suggestions for bringing the couple's vision to life.

Sample prompt: I'm getting married in a historic estate outside Atlanta, GA. What are some wedding decor and theme ideas that are white, black and green?

5. Guest Communication: Streamline the emails, invites and texts you send to wedding guests by accessing templates for save-the-dates, invitations, and RSVPs, as well as offering advice on etiquette and wording. ChatGPT can also help couples manage guest lists, track RSVPs, and send reminders to ensure that all guests are informed and included in the wedding festivities.

Sample prompt: Write my save the date for Tracy and James' wedding day, on September 21, 2025 in Atlanta, GA.

Will you Say YES? AI is helping so many couples access personalized assistance, creative inspiration, and practical guidance to create the wedding of their dreams.


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