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Top 5 Wedding Planning Mistakes

We know planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful events in a persons life, so we've created a what NOT to-do list to make life a little bit easier!

1. Overspending

Thinking of spending thousands on a dress, cake or invitations? We know, we know...you want the absolute best, and the best costs tens of thousand of dollar, right? False! Of course, if you can afford it, splurge away; but for most folks, we recommend creating a budget and working from there. Why empty your wallet on a one-use purchase, when you can rent your dream dress for a much lower price! Laine London provides ALL brides-to-be the ability to say "I Do" in the dress of their dreams without breaking the bank.

Make sure you articulate the look you are going for to your glam squad!

2. Over-planning (and Micromanaging)

Plan extensively, but don't micromanage! It's very important that you've thought out every aspect of your special day (what time the flowers are thrown, how long the first dance will be, etc.) so that you're prepared for any hiccups that might occur. But when it comes to exactly what songs the DJ is playing or whether the waitstaff can take 5 minute breaks... relax. Your wedding is not about the schedule, it's about the rest of your life, so act like it!

3. Not Communicating with Your Vendors

This might go without saying, but make sure that you and your vendors (DJ, photographer, florist, etc.) are on the same page. The worst is finding out that your photographer only shoots in film and you were expecting digital hi-def photos, or that your DJ doesn't specialize in the genre of music you love! Be clear and explicit about your expectations.

4. Not Getting it in Writing

A handshake and a smile might seem like it’ll seal the deal on your wedding day must-haves, but when something goes wrong, a handshake and a smile aren’t enough. Vendors and brides both need to know what to expect from each other. Having these expectations in writing is imperative for a worry-free wedding day. 

5. Pleasing Everyone Else

With a wedding comes a plethora of unwarranted opinions and suggestions about what could have gone better, but none of these really matter. As long as the day runs smoothly and the bride and groom are happy, what Great-Aunty Anna thinks holds little to no weight! Enjoy your day for you, regardless of how anyone feels (but stay out of Bridezilla mode for everyone else's safety).

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