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Established in 2018 and based in Atlanta, Laine London is a first-of-its-kind black woman-owned rental bridal shop providing a chic and inclusive experience at sensible prices for everyone and every body

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rent the dress

Yes, we said “Rent”! Meet with our stylists and try on wedding gowns from our thoughtfully curated collection.

Prefer a brand new dress? No problem! Ask a stylist about our Bridal BuyBack program.

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introducing our founders


Long-time friends Tiffany and Lundyn started Laine London not as experts in the bridal industry, but as brides-to-be who didn't want to spend thousands on a dress they'd only wear once. 


how dress rentals work

Easy as 1, 2, 3 — find the dress you love, rent it, then return it. We make your wedding dress dreams come true at a fraction of the cost. 


Find your dress

Book an appointment with our personal stylists and try on dresses.


wear your dress

Pick up your dress and schedule your

drop-off date/time. 


return your dress

Place your dress back in the garment bag;
drop-off at the scheduled time.

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want a new dress?

Not only do we rent dresses, but we sell them too! In fact, we have a Bridal BuyBack program. 

On a desktop? Point your camera phone at the QR code to text us and learn more!

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check out our


"My experience at Laine London was indeed a beautiful one! From the onset, the selection of dresses will leave you breathless. Tiffany made sure the mood was set and my champagne was poured."

— Catina Parrish, 1 month ago

let's get social 

New dresses, sparkly accessories, the latest trends, TikTok challenges, our entrepreneurial journey... we’re out here doing the most and we want to share it with you!

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