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renting is the new buying

At Laine London, we say rent — don't buy! We help you save on the dress so you can spend more on the wedding.

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meet the team

Lundyn Carter 

Co-Founder & CEO


Everyday Look:  

Casual street style with a blend of traditional-chic (and has to be wrinkle-proof)

Favorite Bridal Look:   

Clean, classic gowns with figure-flattering silhouettes.

Guilty Pleasure:   

Definitely wine (red or white, it all depends on my current mood)

Favorite Movie:  

The Devil Wears Prada

Favorite Vacay Spot: 

It’s a tie between Banff, Canada  & Cape Town, South Africa

Best Piece of Advice for a Bride Shopping

Consider going shopping at least once all by yourself— free from any forms of judgment, persuasion, or manipulation from others (even those who are well-meaning). We have a 45-min “I’m just looking” appointment just for this!

Tiffany Gaines 

Co-Founder & Head Stylist


Everyday Look:  

Classic with a touch of glam

Favorite Bridal Look:   

Modern, sleek & sophisticated

Guilty Pleasure:   

Online Shopping

Favorite TV Show/Movie:  

Cold Case Files, Forensic Files and Law & Order 

Upcoming Destination Getaways: 

Alaskan Cruise & Carnival in Rio De Janeiro

Best Piece of Advice for a Bride Shopping

Your wedding gown choice is yours alone (no matter how opinionated your mother, best friend, ect. are). Pick a dress you’ll feel confident and sexy in as you walk down the aisle to your new husband. Others WILL have opinions, however if they truly care for you they will respect and support your decision. Stand firm on your choice. No regrets!

Bela Young 

Chief Creative Officer

Everyday Look:  

Dancewear paired with designer accessories, big hair and lip gloss

Favorite Bridal Look:   

A 2-piece look that's a little avant-garde and a lot glamorous — the look is genie princess realness

Guilty Pleasure:   

Sleeping in and eating all of the most delicious foods; also, combining the two and eating in bed (but, like, someone else's)

Favorite TV Show/Movie:  

Fleabag, Black Mirror, Twin Peaks

Upcoming Destination Getaways: 

Mexico City for a very glam and very gay wedding with my closest friends — I'm very excited!!

Best Piece of Advice for a Bride Shopping

Same advice as anything...do YOU and look fabulous!

Nancy Yan 

Alterations Manager

Everyday Look:  

I love being comfortable and chic at the same time. So personally I tend to dress in simple lines with a flattering silhouette.

Favorite Bridal Look:   

Something that is elegant and classic. One of my favorite bridal looks of all time is princess Grace of Monaco. A classic that can still be worn today. Timeless beauty

Guilty Pleasure:   

Truly this one has to be accessories, I have a love for shiny things and even tho I don’t wear them everyday I am a sucker for gorgeous jewelry.

Favorite TV Show/Movie:  

Ocean’s 11 and all it’s sequels (including Oceans 8)

Upcoming Destination Getaways: 

Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten time to get away, but given the chance, I would take a long weekend to Savannah, Georgia.

Best Piece of Advice for a Bride Shopping

Speak up for yourself. A comfortable and confident bride = a happy bride!

women first

Laine London is inclusive and we believe you shouldn't have to compromise style for affordability (especially on your BIG day)! Say "Yes" to one of our new, gently used or sample wedding gowns, and say "No" to debt! 


Established in 2018 and based in Atlanta, we're a women-led retail and tech start up on a mission to provide all brides-to-be the ability to say "I Do" in the dress of their dreams without breaking the bank. 

Getting married will never be the same!

Special Thanks to Atlanta Tech Village's Pre Accelerator Program: 

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