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Don't Stress Over the Dress!

Congratulations, you just got engaged! Now comes the fun part—shopping for your dream wedding dress. With so many styles, colors, lengths and fabrics to choose from, it can get very overwhelming trying to figure out what will look best on you. No need to worry. We got you! Here are some helpful tips to help you avoid stressing out over finding the perfect dress.

Try before you buy (or RENT!)

We definitely suggest trying on different wedding gowns before coming to Laine London, that way, you know what you do like, and what you don’t. Narrowing down the styles you may be interested in will definitely help, but if your visit to Laine London is your very first stop, NO WORRIES! Our expert bridal stylist will help you find your fit!

Book your appointment during the week.

At Laine London, weekend appointments book fast! If you’re able to, definitely consider dress shopping Tuesdays through Thursdays. No matter what day of the week you come into Laine London, no other brides will be present, and your private appointment with a stylist and your nearest and dearest will include:

- Two-hour session (vs the average one hour)

- Complimentary custom measurements

- Champagne and light refreshments

- Customized playlist based on your music preferences

Think about who you want to bring.

Bridal appointments go smoothest if you limit the number of guests that come along with you. In this case, less is more! Sometimes more opinions can make it harder to make a decision.

Be open minded.

Never judge a dress by its hanger! Trust that your stylist will listen to your wants and needs, and pull gowns that you would have never tried on before, but end up falling in love with! Be open minded—you might surprise yourself!

Preparation is key!

While renting your dream dress can cost MUCH less than purchasing— it's still important to know what your budget is. In addition to the cost of the dress, make sure to factor in alterations and accessories. At Laine London we have affordable headpieces, veils, and jewelry that are available for rent or purchase. Remember: The more prepared you are, the less stressful shopping will be.

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