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6 Wedding Dress Alterations You Didn't Know You Needed.

Every bride wants a jaw dropping wedding gown that fits like a glove, right? There might be some unexpected steps to the end result as finding the perfect wedding dress doesn’t always mean that it fits you perfectly off the rack. In some rare occasions you can take your wedding dress from the boutique straight to the wedding but most brides need to have alterations done to the dress. Laine London's expert alterations team can alter your dress to perfection, even if you didn't rent it from us!

Here are the 6 wedding dress alterations that you didn't know you needed:

1. Hemming

It is common that dress makers manufacture the wedding dress hem extra long so it will fit taller brides. Shortening the hem is the most common alteration and almost every bride requires the dress to be fitted to the tallest shoe they will wear on the big day. Don't skip getting your dress hemmed, the extra length can be dangerous - causing you to trip and fall or rip a hole in your dress.

There are various hem lengths for different styles and the dress above is a tea length dress and is very typical for the 1950's era it originated in.

2. Bustle

A bustle is an important alteration for brides who have a train on their wedding dress. A bustle allows the train to be lifted and secured, making it easier for the bride to move around during the reception. We have all seen the women who walk around with their dress hanging from a string on their wrist.... here's alittle secret: that string is only for hanging the dress. When you use the hanger as a bustle, you expose the underside of your dress to your guests. A bustle allows you to keep the perfect shape as you dance the night away!

3. Taking in or letting out the bodice

Brides may need to have the bodice of their dress taken in or let out to achieve the perfect fit. This alteration is especially important for dresses with a corset or other intricate detailing. Alterations experts work diligently to ensure the special details are not lost or damaged during this process.

4. Shorten sleeves or adding straps

If a wedding dress has sleeves, they may need to be shortened to ensure a proper fit. This alteration is especially important for brides with shorter arms. Brides who prefer a more secure fit may opt to have straps added to their wedding dress. This alteration can also change the look of the dress and make it more unique. Laine London has several sleeves options that can also be detachable for a 2 in 1 look.

5. Reworking the neckline and adding bra cups

The neckline of a dress may need to be reworked to accommodate the bust. Women's bodies are beautifully unique and there may need to be adjustments made to the neckline for security and confidence. Most dresses do not require a bra, Laine London adds right size and tone bra cups to our dresses free of charge.

6. Adding embellishments

Brides who want to customize their wedding dress may opt to add or remove embellishments such as beads or lace or sleeves. This alteration would be considered a customization. Customizations make the dress more unique and personalized. Laine London has customized several rental dresses for our brides.

The Perfect Wedding Dress

Alterations can be divided into two groups: those you absolutely need to get done and those that alter the dress to a style you like better.

Both are important because your wedding dress should be perfect for you. There is absolutely no need to settle with a dress that isn’t exactly what you want and usually after a well done alteration you get the dream dress moment again as the dress now fits you like a glove.

About us: We are Laine London a first-of-its-kind, woman owned wedding rental boutique making women's history in Atlanta, Georgia. We have in house alterations at our boutique making us a one stop shop for all your bridal needs. If you are newly engaged and looking for your dream dress, consider renting. Book your appointment today!


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