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Yes, You Can Rent Your Wedding Dress!

As you begin to plan your dream wedding, there are countless decisions you'll need to make. Choosing the perfect wedding dress is one of them. The average price of a wedding dress in the United States continues to increase, so no wonder so many brides-to-be are looking for alternatives. One emerging trend? You guessed it! Renting your wedding dress! Here are some of the benefits of renting your dress, and tips to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Benefits of Renting Your Wedding Dress

Renting your wedding dress will save you a lot of money! The average price of just the wedding dress (not including alterations) continues to increase, with some couture gowns starting at $10,000. At Laine London, a bride typically spends $2000 on her dress rental AND alterations!

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress – $388,088

The gown’s long sleeves and lace collar paid homage to iconic bridal wear designs such as Grace Kelly’s famous wedding dress and the late Queen Elizabeth II’s own gown. The bottom of the gown was designed to resemble a blossoming flower

Another benefit of renting is that you won't have to store your dress after the big day.

“I recently went back home to visit my parents, and my wedding dress was STILL in my parents spare bedroom closet collecting dust AND space!” - Miriam Williams, COO & Co-founder of Laine London.

Miriam Williams, COO & Co-founder of Laine London and her husband of 13 years, Jake.

It’s pretty outrageous to think that for decades, women have been spending so much on a piece of clothing that they’re only going to wear once, only for it to then take up coveted closet space. When you rent your dress at Laine London, you’ll simply drop it off after your wedding, leaving the dry cleaning and minor rips and tears to our alterations team, preparing the dress for the next lucky bride to walk down the aisle in!

Criteria for finding the perfect wedding dress rental:

Plan Ahead. The key to finding the perfect rental wedding dress is to plan ahead and do your research.

Secure the Venue. Once you have secured your venue (having your exact wedding date is crucial to renting at Laine London), think about how you want to feel on your big day!

Start thinking about the details. Will there be a theme? Is it indoors or outdoors (or both). Will it be in the summer (you probably want to stay away from long sleeves and heavy fabrics) or fall (will it be chilly enough for a fur wraparound to accessorize your dress?)

Tips to Make Renting Your Dress Stress-Free

Renting your wedding dress doesn't have to be a stressful experience. To ensure a smooth rental process and avoid last-minute scrambling, follow these tips:

  • Give yourself enough time to find the perfect dress.

  • Always read the rental agreement thoroughly before signing.

  • Double-check measurements and consider customizations.

  • Be aware of and plan for any potential hiccups or concerns.

  • Notify your seamstress if you have any major body composition changes.


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