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After 6 years renting designer wedding dresses to countless brides across the southeast, people are starting to talk! Curious? See what others are saying about Laine London...

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Lundyn Carter
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Yes, Your Something Borrowed Can Be the Wedding Dress Itself

Laine London, a Black-owned rental company, offers affordable, size-inclusive options for brides who want a perfectly tailored fit.

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Should You Rent Your Wedding Dress?

"Renting your gown also allows you to embrace a more sustainable shopping experience, and provides you with the option to select multiple looks for less (if you're hoping to embrace two or three outfit changes on the big day)."

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Black-Owned Laine London Makes Weddings More Sustainable


Laine London is the only wedding dress rental retailer in the U.S. that allows a bride to rent a perfectly tailored designer dress. Even though 77% of brides say they would rather rent a dress, there haven’t been many options for wedding dress rentals until now. 


Couples leverage ‘something borrowed’ to cut wedding costs


“This next generation of brides is thinking about experiences over possessions,” said co-founder Miriam Williams. “It’s only natural that they’re rethinking what their wedding day might look like.”

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