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Bridal Alterations 101

We had such a GREAT! time at the Georgia Bridal show this weekend at the Infinite Energy Center in Atlanta. Thanks to all the lovely brides to be who stopped by to say hi and learn more about Laine London!

If you're newly engaged and just getting started with your wedding dress search, you may have already seen or heard some lingo that sounds almost foreign to you (especially when it comes to talk about wedding dress alterations). No need to fear—we’ve sat down with Nancy Yan, Laine London's Alterations Manager to learn more about the alterations process and what to expect.

Here we go!!!......

Laine London bride and Nancy Yang, Laine London Alterations Manager

How long does a wedding dress fitting at Laine London take?

The first fitting is generally between 30-45 minutes and each subsequent fitting should take even less time since the dress is getting closer and closer to the perfect fit.

How many dress fittings are needed?

Brides will typically meet with me two times. During the first fitting is all about sculpting the gown to the body and ensuring the proper fit. At the final fitting, the bride should have a clear idea of how the gown will fit.

Not only can you RENT your dream dress at Laine London, you can RENT your dream veil as well!

How much should I budget for alterations?

You should always budget more than less. It depends on the dress, however for our shop, I would recommend between $120 and $200.

What should brides wear to a fitting?

Brides need to bring the shoes and undergarments they will wear on the day of the wedding in order to obtain the proper fit. If you haven't settle on a shoe yet, bring a shoe that will have heel of the same height you anticipate wearing on your wedding day (otherwise you'll end up with a hem that's too long or too short!)

FACT: Laine London will alter your wedding dress rental to fit YOU perfectly!

What can be done if a bride either loses or gains weight once the dress arrives?

If a bride loses weight, the gown will be taken in at each fitting appointment until it fits perfectly. If a bride gains weight, we will try to open the seams and release some extra fabric. If there is not enough fabric to work with, we can either order fabric from the designer and a panel can be added to the dress or open the back to a corset back.

What is your number one piece of advice that you give to brides about choosing their wedding dress?

Make sure your wedding gown represents your individual style and matches the venue you are getting married in and the overall vision of your wedding day. WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!

Photos by: @jennifermariephotographyga

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