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Laine London Featured in The New York Times

Renting your wedding dress is a reality at Laine London.

wedding rental dress boutique
Laine London CEO & Co-Founder, Lundyn Carter, styles a bride in shop. Photo by Marilyne Moja Mwangi

CEO and Co-Founder, Lundyn Carter, started Laine London in 2018, but the concept of rental bridal gowns started in 2014 when shopping for her own wedding dress. After feeling dissatisfied with the wedding dress process she decided to wear her grandmothers dress - which cost $5,000 in alterations to get the perfect fit. She knew there had to be a better, less wasteful, less stressful way.

“So much time and energy is built into one dress, Why is only one person using this, and then it’s gone?” - Lundyn Carter

Sadiba Hasan, The New York Times, recently interviewed Lundyn about that experience and how it translated to the first of it's kind, black woman owned rental bridal shop in Atlanta, GA that is Laine London.

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