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Love Story: Gayanti and Arya

Gayanti and Arya Suprayog had a destination wedding in Tulum, Mexico along with their close loved ones.

How did you two meet?

We met for the very first time through dating-apps called Tinder, when Arya had a business trip to Indonesia. He said that he was intrigued by my drive, because I wrote “Survived law school and now I’m still dealing with business school things” in my bio at that time. Yes, I was still in my MBA program in Indonesia when I met him.

What did you do on your first date?

On our first date, we did a casual Ramen dinner at one of the malls in Jakarta, Indonesia and for the second date I asked him to join me for a walking tour in Old Town Jakarta. We visited old temples, museums, and shopped at Chinese markets, and we ended up at Sea World Jakarta (me without knowing that Atlanta has the biggest aquarium in the world, lol).

How did he propose?

He proposed to me on our quick trip to Alabama to visit his friend. Actually, I thought that it would be a JUST quick trip, because we never had a spontaneous trip before (as I wished I had). He asked me “Do you want to be my forever gym partner?” in the morning, since we share the same passion in wellness and human optimization.

Why did you choose a destination wedding?

We chose Tulum as our destination wedding, because Arya and I love Mexico, and it feels close like home. Tulum also has the Bali vibe that we envisioned as our venue. It was not in the cards to celebrate the wedding in Indonesia, considering the situation we are currently in.

How did you feel wearing a Laine London dress? What made you choose your gown?

The dress actually chose me! She is my first love, and I thought it was vice-versa. When I saw her for the very first time, my heart stopped a bit… I mean I was just mesmerized by her beauty and design.

How do you keep romance in your relationship alive day to day?

We keep aligning ourselves with what are our goals and keep reminding each other that we always have each other.

What’s the most romantic thing your partner has ever done for you? Or Vise Versa?

I think the most romantic thing I’ve done for my husband is when I decided to move to the States, left my whole life in Indonesia, and started over a new life in the States. And the romantic thing that he did for me is through love and patience that help us grow to be a better self.

What wedding rules did you break?

1. We did an elopement wedding in Tulum, why? Because it is not usual for an Indonesian to have an elopement wedding. In our tradition, the wedding supposed to be big and should have a lot of guests (even though, we don't really know who the all the guests are)

2. I did not have a “something blue, something borrowed, something old” in our wedding, because it was a limited time to have those things.

Advice to engaged/newlyweds?

I know I am not an expert, because every day we're still learning to know each other, but the important thing that I learned is communication. Communication is key, even though you have different perspectives with your partner.

Gayanti and Arya are a symbol that true love prevails and your wedding, your way is the best choice. If you are interested in having the bridal experience Gayanti and so many of our happy brides do, book an appointment with us today.

Disclaimer: Gayanti's dress is no longer for rent but we have beautiful gowns similar to hers.


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