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Bride Squad Selection 101

So you’ve set the date for your bridal appointment at Laine London—the next step is deciding who your ultimate ‘say yes’ squad is! It can be such a difficult and overwhelming decision—you might think you want everyone there so you can capture the perfect instagramable pics, but that might not be the best choice. In this post, we break down the do's and don'ts of choosing who gets to be there when you say "Yes!" to the dress.

DO: Have close family members involved through this important (and exciting!) decision process.

DON'T: Feel like ALL of them have to be there at the appointment. Whether it’s your parents, siblings, grandparents or extended family, talk with them before your appointment to learn of any family traditions you may want to consider as you are trying on dresses. Remember: It's ultimately YOUR decision (and it's okay to let them know that).

DO: Bring your maid of honor and a few (meaning 1-2) bridesmaids.

DON'T: Feel bad for not inviting ALL the lovely ladies that will be apart of your Big Day. Even though it is nice to have every bridesmaid along, it might be hard for them not to let their personal opinions overshadow what they genuinely think you like the most. They may subconsciously favor the dress they want to wear themselves!

DO: Invite a few select members of your fiancés family to be a part of this special moment. Inviting them to your bridal appointment is a very sentimental gesture.

DON'T: Invite your fiancé's ENTIRE family and hope only one or 2 show up. Be strategic with who you invite—maybe their sister, or even mother (if of course, you feel comfortable having them there).

DO: Make a list of who you feel is necessary to be at your appointment, then select the top 2-3 that you know will help make this a smooth, stress free process. Too many opinions from too many people at your appointment can make for a stressful and overwhelming visit. The goal is to be shedding tears of joy when picking out your wedding dress, not tears of stress.

At Laine London, bridal appointments go smoothest if you limit the number of guests that come along with you. In this case, less is more! Grab your 2-3 closest friends/family members and prepare for an intimate experience that includes:

​ - A private consultation with a stylist and your nearest and dearest

- Champagne and light refreshments

- Customized playlist based on your music preferences 


See ya soon!

Model: Iskra Lawrence

Wedding dresses by: Justin Alexander


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